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The nonprofit association presents itself

In 1990, Gisela Höhne and her then-life partner Klaus Erforth founded an “Arts Workshop for People with So-Called Mental Disabilities and Others”. They gave it the name Sonnenuhr e.V. [Sundial Nonprofit Association.] The inspiration was the birth of their son Moritz, who had arrived in 1976 with Down Syndrome. The headquarters of the nonprofit association and of Theater RambaZamba, created in 1991, are located at the Kulturbrauerei, right in the heart of Berlin.

The association and Theater RambaZamba follow an artistic approach and do not work therapeutically. The association offers arts groups in the areas of painting, ceramics, photography and percussion. A children's group, the RambaZinis, has also existed since 2013, and is devoted to an involvement in acting for children between the ages of 6 and 12.

A total of ca. 60 people are active in the recreational groups. Through regular exhibitions and theater performances, the artistic outcomes are presented to the wider public.

Further information about the offers of RambaZamba Association can be found here:

Artistic Groups

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Youth Club

Children's Group (RambaZinis)

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The association Sonnenuhr was re-named RambaZamba Association in 2012. This changed nothing about the organization's philosophy: Long before the word inclusion became widespread, the association and Theater RambaZamba have been actively putting the notion of equal participation by all persons in society into practice. People with mental impairments should be able to express their special artistic potential in diverse ways. They are supported and accompanied in this by professional theater artists, musicians and visual artists. The highest credo in their work together is an encounter on equal footing.

The association receives regular funding from the Berlin Senate Department of Labour, Integration and Social Affairs and also that of Education, Science and Youth.

RambaZamba Association is also financially supported by membership contributions, the sale of works of art, project grants and donations.

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