Theaterüberfall mit Zora Schemm und Sebastian Urbanski

Cultural education

Children and youth have a great interest in taking a peek behind the scenes at Theater RambaZamba and learning about the working methods of the special actors. Since the first sponsorship in 2008 from the Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung (state project-based funding for cultural education), RambaZamba has been able to develop itself continually in the area of cultural education and has qualified as a place of learning for children, youth and young adults.

The goal of the cultural education formats is that children and young adults will experience the RambaZamba actors as professional and competent experts and thereby become encouraged to develop new, surprising and tolerant perspectives.

School visits, formats to accompany festivals, introductory sessions, post-performance discussions and interactive workshops all appear constantly in the theater's accompanying program schedule. Long-term partnerships with educational institutions in and outside of Berlin have grown out of this activity. Furthermore, these various forms of encounters have been able to be incorporated as regular features in the curricula of Berlin schools, special-needs schools and universities.

In 2016, the program RambaZamba celebrates diversity was nominated for the BKM (Federal Office of Culture and Media) Award for Cultural Education. The need for innovative and especially, for inclusive cultural education remains, due to persistently high levels of prejudice about and fear of contact with people with disabilities.

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In Autumn 2016, RambaZamba started work on a new concept in inclusive cultural education with its project RambaZamba celebrates diversity II, which places theatrical encounters between children, young adults and RambaZamba actors at the fore. Additionally, various formats were developed to turn the widespread, commonly-held role expectations for persons with disabilities on their heads and to reflect on these assumptions in conversation with the school children.   

Since then, RambaZamba actors and the cultural education team have ambushed about 200 schoolchildren in five Berlin districts with these exciting new formats. The “theater takeover”, in particular, gave occasion for enlivening discussions about the role expectations that children and teachers hold for people with disabilities. Multiple workshops took place in different Berlin schools and universities, in which the RambaZambas shared their acting knowledge under the banner, We are all making theater! Currently, school groups are about to attend performances. We are very excited to see their reactions!

Teachers can receive detailed information on the project RambaZamba celebrates diversity from Kristina Ohmen, project director for cultural education. Email: .

Our cooperation partners for the year 2016/17 are:
Schools: Charlotte-Pfeffer-Schule, Meine Schule Berlin, Montessori-Gemeinschaftsschule, Rosa-Luxemburg-Gymnasium, Sophie-Scholl-Schule. Universities: UDK-University of Arts Berlin Acting Department, EHS-Protestant University of Applied Social Sciences Berlin, KHS-Catholic University of Applied Social Sciences Berlin