Gisela Höhne im Gespräch mit Jonas Sippel

Training Program

In Theater RambaZamba, actor training has been part of the production process from the very beginning. It provides the individual ensemble members with an ongoing further education, in which they can slowly grow, learn over time and, bit by bit, be entrusted with larger roles. Since the onset of the cooperation with the VIA Werkstätten gGmbH, the actors have been granted a diploma after two years' training, which is not, however, comparable to other artistic training completion degrees.

As a result, the theater began to intensify its actor training program starting in the year 2016. Structurally it aligns itself for the most part with university training programs, such as those offered by the University of Arts Berlin or the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art. Yet our program is much more specifically tailored to the special actors at RambaZamba. Among the continuous elements of the training program are long-term instruction in fundamentals, physical training, speech instruction, singing and music instruction, dance and movement instruction, as well as dramaturgical basics and scene studies.

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In addition to the weekly ongoing instruction, there are block seminars, in which the actors work very intensively on various themes. The training program is expanded through interdisciplinary involvements with the areas of visual arts and music.

The actor training program at RambaZamba is organized as a laboratory. The actors try things out and explore theater in all its forms. Involvement with the content is present for everyone to the same degree, and it picks up on existing discourses and questions on theater. The individuality of artistic expression is the center of the concept. At its core, it contains the question of how to develop an artistic virtuosity and an individual artistic expression at a high level, in a personal form and within an institutional structure.

The long-term goal is to found an accredited, inclusive acting academy that awards a Bachelor of Arts degree and is also open to non-disabled actors. An accredited actor training program or university study program in acting for people with disabilities is long overdue!